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11:58am on Friday, 10th February, 2006:



Here's some spam my elder daughter was sent today:

Subject: Former President Bill Klinton uses Voagra!
Everybody knows the great sexual scandal known as "Klinton-Levinsky".
After the relations like this Klintons popularity raised a lot!
It is a natural phenomenon, because Bill as a real man in order not to
shame himself when he was with Monica regularly used Voagra.
What happened you see. His political figure became more bright and more attractive.
It is very important for a man to be respected as a man!
See our Voagra shop to enter upon the new phase of your life.

OK, so I see why they don't want to trip every anti-spam device known to humanity by using the brand name "Viagra", but what's with the revised spelling of "Clinton" and "Lewinsky"? And is it wise to use as a poster boy someone who subsequently had a five-hour quadruple heart bypass operation?

Enter upon the new phase of your life — death!

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