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9:06am on Monday, 9th October, 2006:

A Different World


Yesterday's Independent on Sunday carried a piece by Pamela Stephenson, in which she related her recent expedition to the Spice Islands of Indonesia in search of the truth behind her great-great grandfather's apparent death at the hands of mutineers on the ship he captained. Here's an excerpt:

So, worried about the expense of diving off the coast of Indonesia, she decides to raise funds by making a TV programme about it. Then she reveals, with no apparent embarrassment, that she and husband Billy Connolly are well-off enough to own a 112ft sailboat.

What kind of world do celebrities live in?! If they want to do anything that costs money, oh, they just go off and make a TV programme about it, or do it on behalf of some charity. I fancy a trip to China, should I try put together some spurious research proposal for studying the Chinese attitude to virtual worlds then swan off for a couple of months at public expense?

It's the complete shamelessness of it that I find most stunning.

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