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9:55am on Thursday, 8th June, 2006:

The Rainmakers


From The Living World of Science, a 1962 encyclopoedia I was handed-down as a child from the son of a friend of my mother's:

It's not actually all that bad, it's just of its time. For example, in one single-page article, "Is our climate changing?", it considers the possibility of global warming; it concludes that the Earth is getting warmer, but says nobody know why. Another, four-page article, "Rockets for War", concerns, well, rockets for war!

Modern textbooks might go into the human cost of ICBMs should they ever be used, but back in 1962 they were quite gleeful about the fact that "the nuclear hydrogen warheads could destroy any city in the world". They were also quite excited that the big boosters developed for ICBMs could be used to put satellites into space, and "one day promise to take man to the moon".

I wonder how the science books my daughters have will look in 44 years' time?

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