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1:32pm on Sunday, 7th May, 2006:



Inserted into the newspaper this morning was a flier. It began:

(Ash's is the local newsagent, which delivers the papers).

It concerns:

The document goes on to complain that West Bergholt is already blighted by mobile phone masts, and we need to stop this wind turbine so as to protect the character and unspoilt nature of the village.

Mobile phone masts are such a part of the environment these days that they're hardly noticeable, in the same way that few people complain about overhead power lines any more because we're all used to them. Wind turbines can be noisy, which is a reason for siting them carefully, but merely adding to the general clutter we have anyway isn't going to make a great deal of difference.

I wonder if I should write a letter supporting the wind turbine, to cancel one of the ones protesting about it?

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