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8:02am on Wednesday, 6th December, 2006:

Right X, Wrong Y


I went to London yesterday evening to be interviewed for an independent documentary on interactive fiction being made by Jason Scott. From what he told me of the other people he'd interviewed, it sounds like it'll be a must-see when it comes out some time in 2008.

I was a little concerned, what with the proximity to Christmas, that on the way home I may have to share the train with a bunch of post-party drunks. Fortunately, I didn't, and I even managed to get some marking done of third-year project interrim reports (not that any of what I wrote will be readable, given the combined effect on legibility of my handwriting and a moving train).

I did notice when I got on the train that there was a woman in her 20s all kitted out in her office party gear, heading for home. She was talking rather disjointedly on her mobile phone, presumably having knocked back several Bacardi Breezers or similar earlier in the evening, but once the train got going she settled down and nodded off. She woke up when we pulled into Marks Tey (the station just before Colchester), whereupon she looked out of the window and indignantly announced to the rest of the carriage, "This isn't Southend!". It was as if she felt herself the victim of some cruel, practical joke.

Clearly, it was someone else's fault that for the best part of an hour she'd been travelling at thirty degrees to the rail line she should have been on.

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