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3:48pm on Thursday, 6th July, 2006:



Another conversational extract from my everyday life, this time while visiting my mum this morning with my daughters (Jenny and Madeleine — Roy is my brother and Louise is one of his daughters).

Mum: Your brother phoned. He says he wants to take me on holiday with Louise. I've said yes, so long as it's not somewhere too hot. I was born in a very cold part of the country and I can't cope with the heat.
Me: In that case why would Roy want to go somewhere hot, given that he was born ten miles from you?
Jenny: How could Uncle Roy be born ten miles from Grandma? Didn't she have to be there?
Madeleine: The stupidest thing I've ever said is "that cloud looks as if it's in mid-air", but I was only 11 at the time.

It's as if they gang up on me.

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