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1:19pm on Saturday, 5th August, 2006:

Desert Island Luxury


The "world's longest-running radio programme", Desert Island Discs, is based on the premiss that you are washed ashore on a desert island but were able to rescue 10 music tracks before they sank with the ship. Obviously, these would be personally meaningful to you, so what would you choose?

No, I'm not going to give you mine. I'll wait until I become rich and famous and get invited onto the show, then you can find out.

However, I shall tell you something. At the end of the programme, hey have this part where you're allowed to take a "luxury item" with you, in addition to the complete works of Shakespeare and the Bible, which you get for free (presumably, you have some kind of music player, too). Some of these luxuries are within the spirit of the programme, such as a hunting knife; others push the borders a bit, along the lines of a solar-powered fridge containing an infinite supply of beer; others completely undermine it, eg. the city of Paris.

I think my luxury item would have to be a magnifying glass. That way, I could read the complete works of Shakespeare and set fire to the Bible.

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