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7:53am on Wednesday, 5th April, 2006:



Folic acid is a substance that must be partaken by mums-to-be if they want to produce healthy babies (as opposed to phallic acid, which is a substance that must be partaken by mums-to-be-to-be if they want to produce healthy babies, heh heh). Anyway, this morning GMTV was reporting that the government is planning on making bakers add the stuff to bread. I'd give you a link, except that GMTV's web site doesn't have a link and everyone else seems to have covered the story back in November, where they noted that it's already added to bread and the government actually wants to add it to flour.

Anyway, let's see: I'm not female, I'm never going to get pregnant, and if I had a B12 vitamin deficiency then this could kill me. Great.

Instead of adding folic acid to everything, they should add it to stuff that only pregnant women eat. I'm guessing chips, ice cream and pickled onions would be good places to start. Or, better still, coal, soil and chalk.

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