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4:48pm on Wednesday, 4th October, 2006:

Legal Costs


Tommy Sheridan, the Member of the Scottish Parliament who won a libel case against the News of the World a couple of months ago, has been branded a liar in this week's News of the World following its unearthing of a tape that (the paper claims) shows him admitting things he denied in court. A perjury investigation is now under way.

Sheridan has claimed that the tape is actually a sophisticated forgery and he's ready to "take on" the News of the World over it. So, that means he's going to sue them again, right?

Well, apparently not. He's having trouble engaging lawyers on a no win, no fee basis on account of how he sacked his legal team the last time round before the end of the hearing. He'll have to pay them up front this time, win or lose, and can't afford it. This is perhaps not surprising given that he has built his career on championing the rights of the poor, because the poor could hardly have identified with him if he was flush with money.

Still, you have to wonder why the £200,000 he won from the News of the World the first time round isn't enough to cover it.

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