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7:41pm on Thursday, 4th May, 2006:



It's local election day here in West Bergholt, and yesterday evening we had a canvasser call round. She wanted me to vote Conservative. I told her I was voting Liberal Democrat, and the only way I'd vote Conservative would be if there was any danger that power-crazed Labour or the sanctimonious Greens would get in instead (there are only 4 candidates in our ward). Of course, if she'd looked up who proposed the various candidates she'd have found that my name was on the list for the Liberal Democrat, so she was wasting her time anyway. Maybe the local Conservative Association doesn't forward that information to their footsoldiers.

Still, the woman tried to persuade me to switch to her side, and told me that the candidate they had was a new one who was full of great ideas and cared about the community. For example, he wanted the A12 bridge to be fixed as a matter of urgency.

I asked her if she could conceive of any of the other candidates' not wanting the bridge to be fixed as a matter of urgency, which rather surprised her. She had to say no, she couldn't, which I counted as a minor victory.

It doesn't matter much in any case, because the Conservatives will get in with two thirds of the vote whatever.

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