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11:26am on Saturday, 4th February, 2006:

Do you ken?


It's great when a local football team does well! People who don't normally support the club come out of the woodwork to cheer it along.

Colchester United has made it to the fifth round of the FA Cup, where they will meet either Chelsea or Everton away. Sensing that this might be a big story, the Essex County Standard has really got into the swing of things. Here's a picture from the back page this week:

Go, Ken, go!

Except his name is Kem, not Ken. It's short for Kemal — his father is of Turkish extraction. His older brother, Muzzy, has even played for Turkey.

Thus, in one moment of ignorance, does the Essex County Standard's attempts to connect with its readership expose the size of the gulf between them.

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