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11:37pm on Sunday, 3rd December, 2006:

Honk Honk


So here I am at JFK airport, waiting for my flight home.

The taxi driver who took me here was a honker. He honked the horn of his car more times in the first 30 seconds of the journey than I've honked mine in my entire life. He continued to do so as we worked our way out of Manhattan, through Queens and right up to the airport door. Signs warning of a $350 fine for using the horn had no effect on him. Furthermore, it was rarely apparent why he was honking — he'd just honk, and occasionally mutter something in Cantonese under his breath.

All in all, I counted a nice, Heinzy 57 bursts with his horn, although actual honks would have been 2 or 3 times more than that because he always hit it more than once.

Maybe his car is powered by honks and if he didn't do then often enough it would stall.

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