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8:48am on Wednesday, 3rd May, 2006:



I missed the staff meeting last week as I had a lecture. There's another staff meeting today, which I therefore am under pressure to attend (even though, as a part-time member of staff, officially I'm only there by invitation). It starts at 2pm and is scheduled to go on until 5pm (it'll overrun), but I have to cut out at 4pm to go fetch my younger daughter from school. Also, there's the departmental photograph at 1:30pm that I need to attend.

Thus, it was with some annoyance that I greeted the automated phone call I received yesterday at 6:45pm telling me that the new computer I ordered online from Evesham would be delivered today "between 8:45am and 5:00pm". Talk about short notice! I went to the web site to see how I could call them off, but there was nothing in the FAQ or anywhere else that explained it. I called the sales office number, but had taken too long looking at the web site — the lines closed at 7pm.

Just great.

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