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11:44am on Friday, 2nd June, 2006:

Australian Biscuits


OK, so I'm one of those people who, when they see a new kind of confectionary that looks like it might taste good, will just buy it and try it out. Sometimes, this means a lifelong devotion to Needler's lime chocolate bars (well, lifelong if they still made them after being taken over by Ashbury); other times, it means trying to persuade my wife to eat the cherry-centred jaffa cakes I bought because she dislikes them marginally less than I do.

Thus, in Tesco's a few weeks when I was looking to see if they had any of the Benecol chocolate bars they used to do so I could give them to my mother (they didn't; Benecol have stopped making them), I came across some biscuits called Tim Tams. They sounded interesting, so I bought them.

I got home, opened the packet, and saw I'd basically purchased a pack of Penguins. The only difference seemed to be that whereas Penguins come individually wrapped, Tim Tams don't.

Anyway, I ate one.


I don't know what it is about those things, but YE GODS they're good! They beat the pants off Penguins. The chocolate on the outside is just amazing, but the inside doesn't let them down either (which is Penguins' downfall: too cocoaey). I could have scoffed the entire packet there and then.

My younger daughter is also a fan, and would also eat the entire packet given the chance. We have to restrict her to one a day, which is a bit of a pain as it means I have to stick with one a day too or be exposed as a hypocrite. My wife also likes them, but my elder daughter can take them or leave them. Still, that means more for the rest of us.

So far, the only supermarket stocking them is Tesco's, which is twice as far away from where I live as Sainsbury's or ASDA. If ASDA gets them and Sainsbury's doesn't, though, I'd seriously consider switching where I do the weekly shop, just to get them — even if that meant buying grey, ganky bread caused by packing the loaves too closely together.

Who knew that a country which has to make its chocolate bars out of latex to stop them from melting could produce such a good bikkie?

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