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7:06pm on Sunday, 2nd April, 2006:



We were at my in-laws' house today, and my wife had a can of Tesco Shandy. On the side of the can, there was a notice:

Product contains approx. trace of salt.

Not a trace, but approximately a trace. Is a trace an official, recognised unit? Probably not, as you don't hear of anything containing two traces of something.

What's happened, of course, is that the canning plant has a program that marks up what goes on the side of the can, and they just fill in a form to put the relevant amounts in wherever they're supposed to go. Products containing more than a trace of salt would have a proper number in there: Product contains approx. 1g of salt or Product contains approx. 0.5% salt reads much less stiltedly (although why fizzy drinks have salt in them at all is something to ponder upon).

I took a photo of the can, but only after my wife had crushed it and thrown it out for recycling, so it didn't come out...

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