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8:30am on Friday, 1st September, 2006:

Antibiotic Ointment


I have to put some antibiotic ointment in my eye, to stop it from getting infected. The stuff comes in a 2-inch tube, but it's incredibly thick — it's like vaseline. I don't drop it into my eye, I lay a cable of it. The technique is to pull down the lower lid and put a line of ointment maybe half an inch long in there, then somehow remove the tube without taking the ointment with it. This done, the lower eyelid is released and the eye is shut, hopefully transferring a small proportion of it to the eyeball upon which it can be transferred to the line of incision on my upper eyelid.

I've not been very successful so far, but hey, on the bright side, no way am I going to have infected eyelashes for the next few days.

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