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4:18pm on Wednesday, 31st August, 2005:

WDW Questionnaire


On our last day at Walt Disney World, we were buttonholed at the Magic Kingdom and asked if we would mind filling in a questionnaire when we got back. I agreed to do it, and late yesterday evening the questionnaire arrived.


It was reasonable enough to start with when it was asking about our experience at the Magic Kingdom, and not so bad when it began on the demographic information.

Then it asked if I was Hispanic.

Now I'd already said at this point that my country of origin was England, so quite why they wanted to know if I was that particularly common form of Englishman, the Hispanic, was a mystery. OK, so I replied no, and went to the next question.

This one asked what race I was.

But hey, it was OK, because you see there was this option I could click, "prefer not to answer".

Actually, I'd have preferred not to have been asked.

What next, we get a white Mickey Mouse for racial balance?

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