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1:55am on Sunday, 30th October, 2005:

Seven Pictures of Austin


You know I'm in America at the moment, right?

I thought I'd combine all my Austin photos into one QBlog post, so as not to screw with your RSS feeds. There are seven pictures in all, but only six remaining now I've shown the gratuitous shot of a fat backside.

There are birds in Austin outside the convention centre: lots of them. They hang around in some 20 or 30 trees, and most of the time you don't notice them. When the sun goes down, though — wow! What an amazing noise! It' so loud, and yet the birds are only like sparrow size so you can't really see them. I wasn't expecting the sound, but I was expecting the birds. I don't know, call it a sixth sense...

Here's a friendly message for Frost Bank: if you're going to spend millions of dollars building a prestige new tower in the centre of town, don't make it so scary-looking that the only people who'll want to set foot in it will be Hollywood producers hoping to feature it in their next horror movie:

So what's the word "machine" doing here?

Harvey Cleary: I know you're running a large building site, but really, this isn't the proud boast you seem to think it is...

I know enough about recoil to hazard a guess as to how the woman in this statue died:

So let me get this straight: I can't talk about bombs at an airport once I've passed through security, and I can't talk about the possibility that an aircraft might crash, and merely by typing this I'm probably risking prosecution in case someone is reading it over my shoulder, yet it's perfectly OK to hang up a life-sized model skeleton at a departure gate?

Only in America....

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