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9:24am on Thursday, 30th June, 2005:



OK, so after finishing Sid Meier's Pirates! and wondering what to play next, I decided to go right back and start another game of it. This time, I took the precaution of taking on Montalban while still on my first voyage (ie. before I'd fought enough duels that the game engine had sped him up to unbeatable levels). In replaying it, I noticed a couple of additional oddities that didn't occur the first time. Both would appear to be fairly easy to fix.

Firstly, I acquired a map to the lost city of the Aztecs, which I duly found and plundered. I then acquired a map to the lost city of the Incas, which positioned it in exactly the same place that the lost city of the Aztecs had been in. I looted that, too. I'm now on the lost city of the Maya, which is in a different place, but only just — you can see them both from the same spot.

Secondly, I married the beautiful daughter of the Governor of Tortuga. Here she is:

Tortuga is an English trading post, or rather it was when I wooed, won and wed her. I've been back a few times to keep in touch and get map pieces after dazzling her with my amazing dancing skills, but as I approached late last night I saw the city fall to invading Spaniards. OK, so I docked and went to visit the new (Spanish) Governor. There was his beautiful daughter, to whom I was married. Here she is:

She's changed from being English to being Spanish, but she's still my wife. In other words, I'm married to "the daughter of the Governor of Tortuga" — whoever that may be!

What an amazing concept: being married not to a person, but to whatever person is pointed at by a reference! You could do strange things if that worked in real life: "I am married to whomever is in this bed with me" or "I am married to whomever pays me the most this month". Wow!

Oh well, at least I have a goal now: attack enough Spanish shipping that they put a price on my head, then attack Tortuga, install an English governor and change my wife back to her original incarnation.

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