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7:52am on Wednesday, 30th March, 2005:

Lucky Me


Oh joy! A week ago I was selected entirely at random from all the people working at Essex University to fill in a timesheet to account for my activities. I had to write down everything I did, then fill in a form at the end. I'm a 0.5 full-time equivalent, it was a 4-day week, so unless I came up with 2 days' worth of work I was telling the university administration they weren't getting value for money.

Still, I wrote it all down, Monday to Sunday inclusive. Here are the results they wanted (in minutes):

Teaching:         260
Teaching support: 335  (this includes external examiner work)
Research:         1045 (mainly because I was writing a paper)

Over 27 hours in total. I should ask for a raise.

Curiously, there was nowhere to put the:

Administration:   310

plus another 10 for filling in the form...

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