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5:45pm on Thursday, 29th September, 2005:

Going Long


To eat my 4-finger Twix, I went for a short walk around the campus. There being some 20,000 students living on campus here, I necessarily didn't see much in my 30-minute saunter, but it looked quite pretty (artificial streams and so on).

At one point, one of the 20,000 students came up to me, held out an oval ball, and said, "I'm going long".

When I started at him, blankly, he proferred it again. "I'm going long", he repeated.

"I'm sorry, I'm English. I have no idea what you're talking about. You're asking the wrong person", I replied. He went back to his friends, who seemed to find it amusing.

I passed them again a bit later, from behind. This time, another one of them was catching the ball as thrown feebly by a female student.

Hmm, so I was supposed to throw it, then? Just as well I didn't understand, given that my throwing shoulder is discomknockerated.

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