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9:04am on Tuesday, 29th March, 2005:

Running Out


My father-in-law hates running out of things. They visit us for a couple of days a week, and I'm getting used to seeing empty teabag boxes (meaning "get a new one because I just put the last 50 in the caddy"), empty vinegar bottles (meaning "get a new one because I just filled up the vinegar dispenser") and empty cereal cartons (meaning "get a new one because I've had to start the last packet") waiting for me. Some of these are quite ridiculous: we have tins of paint 5 years old that haven't been opened, bottles of cleaning products that won't be needed until 2009, cement enough to repoint our patio 30 times over, more screws in reserve than screws in use, sufficient orange juice to see us through a nuclear winter...

Yesterday, though, he topped it all. Yesterday, he said we needed a new wheelbarrow. When we went out and bought one, he asked whether we were going to keep it in the shed until we wanted it. Our current wheelbarrow won't last more than one or two more years, because the pneumatic tyre is perishing. We had to get a wheelbarrow so that when it does go, we'll have a replacement.


I wouldn't care, but we already have two wheelbarrows, it's just that the newer one is slightly smaller than the old one. It would have done just fine if the one old packed up, until we got a replacement. Now, though, we have three wheelbarrows. Who needs three wheelbarrows? It's not like we live on a vast country estate.

You should see how many packets of cold remedies we have, too...

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