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11:23am on Wednesday, 28th September, 2005:

Habla Usted Español?


I'm flying to Indianapolis using Delta airlines, as they're the cheapest I could find. I think I've maybe flown them once before, but it was a while ago.

Their security arrangements are suitably earnest. Lots of questions about where I'm going, where I'm staying, why I'm going (no why I'm staying; I assume this is because they must feel America is the kind of place everyone wants to stay in by definition). Unfortunately, I was being asked the security questions by someone whose grasp of English was somewhat incomplete, her first language being Spanish. Next to me, someone who actually was Spanish was having a hard time understanding the questions being asked of him by a monoglot English security officer (with a "no concessions" attitude — using quid to refer to pounds, for example). Eventually, she called my Spanish-speaking officer over to ask the passenger "the baggage questions". I'd probably already been asked them, it was hard to tell...

They didn't give me an I94W at the check-in desk, either. They'd better have one on the plane, otherwise I'll have to use the one I keep in reserve for when I make the inevitable mistake.

Oh, and I do know that the question in the title to this QBlog entry should have a 180-degree rotated ? at the beginning to be proper Spanish, but I don't know what the HTML code for that is off hand and I'm sitting in the middle of an airport lounge disinclined to pay a pint of blood to gain a few minutes of wireless Internet access.

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