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4:01pm on Sunday, 28th August, 2005:

Holiday Bag


Every time we go on holiday, I keep anything non-perishable that I would otherwise throw away and put it in a carrier bag (generally, this ends up being one of the things I would otherwise have thrown away). I then put the bag in the attic and bring it down whenever we want to look over our old holiday memories.

Of course, although I've been doing this for 20 years now, I haven't actually yet felt the need to go into the attic and open up one of the bags to look over those old holiday memories. Still, that's not the point!

Anyway, today I noticed some maps I'd printed off from the Internet, giving the location of the hotel near Gatwick where we'd stayed the night before going, so I asked my wife (by whose feet they were) to grab them for the holiday bag. Here's how the conversation went:

Wife: What do you want those for?
Me: For the holiday bag.
Wife: Why do you want to keep them? They're just rubbish!
Me: They're holiday rubbish.
Wife: You already have enough holiday rubbish.
Me: You can't have too much holiday rubbish.
Wife: You can have too much holiday rubbish.
Me: Great! Thanks! Hear that, kids? She said I could have too much holiday rubbish!

I picked them up myself later and put them in the holiday bag.

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