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4:51pm on Thursday, 28th April, 2005:

Checking In


Here's a handy hint for people who don't like queueing at airports: turn up late. For my flight to Chicago (where I change for Milwaukee) I arrived at the airport in good time and joined the line the moment the Chicago flight came up on the screens. My progress to the front of the queue was hampered, however, by the BA person wandering around who first pulled everyone going to Philadelphia out of the line and gave them priority. Bye bye queue misery for those lucky people. I wish I hadn't read about the two-hour check-in time minimum, either. Or maybe they had, but they chose to ignore it (which therefore makes it a handy hint).

The BA person then did the same thing for the Detroit flight. Given that this was only 15 minutes earlier than mine, I wasn't too happy about it, particularly as I was at the front of the queue when she pulled out half a dozen people behind me to give them priority. Fortunately, one of the people on the check-in desks put her straight.

Ah, flying, it's such an exotic adventure!

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