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1:07pm on Monday, 28th February, 2005:

Hoarse Whisperer


I had a package arrive today via DHL, but I was having a shower so didn't hear the knock at the door. They had to leave a note saying they couldn't deliver it. When I called to arrange for them to come round another time, the person who answered the phone spoke in a whisper. I don't mean they spoke quietly, I mean a genuine whisper — completely voiceless. She spoke this way as if it was perfectly normal, nothing unusual about it at all, even though it was incredibly difficult to hear what she was saying. When she first answered, I thought I'd dialled a wrong number and was speaking to some shift worker who'd got out of bed to answer the phone still half-asleep. It was like calling a heavy breather.

My package should be delivered tomorrow afternoon, anyway.

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