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12:44pm on Friday, 28th January, 2005:

Christmas Knock-on Effects


It may be over a month since Christmas, but its effects linger.

Today, for example, it's rubbish-collection day here in West Bergholt. The way Colchester Council works, we put out our general rubbish every week, but alternate between our paper and garden waste. Because of the Christmas and New Year breaks, some collections were delayed and others were missed out completely. Last year, we didn't get our rubbish picked up for about 3 weeks; this year was much better (because of the day of the week Christmas Day fell on, not because of any increased competence by those who organise our refuse collection) but we still got messed around somewhat.

As a result, none of us know whether this week is a paper recycling or garden waste recycling week. Some people have put out both, and others have put out just one. I don't have any garden waste (except for two bags of rotting apples, but they're not allowed as garden waste — I assume because of their acid content), so I've put out about 3 weeks' worth of paper instead. I'm therefore hoping it's a paper day, otherwise I'll have to bring the bags in and put out 4 weeks' worth next Friday instead. Other people will just leave their paper out to the elements for a week.

All it would have taken was a note to inform us of what was going on and all would have been well. I was going to say they could have emailed us, but on second thoughts perhaps not. The possibility of getting daily bulletins from earnest, self-important council workers telling me things they regard to be immensely important yet which are of marginal interest to any sane person puts me off the idea entirely. It's bad enough with all the "for your information" emails I receive at the university, and I actually get paid to read those...

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