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12:29pm on Friday, 28th January, 2005:



Mutter ... grumble ...

I thought I'd set all the exam questions I needed to set for this year, but it turns out I have to write some more for EE114. Students who don't pass the first time round get to take a resit exam, and this is the one I have to write — by Monday. I thought I had an EE114 resit exam "banked" because no-one took it last year, but that seems not to be the case. I think maybe someone did take it, but they didn't answer my question (I share the paper with Bob Mack); this nevertheless means it has been seen, so a new paper is needed.

I quite like setting exam questions. What I don't like is having to provide the model answers for them. In this EE114 paper, for example, students have to answer 4 questions from 6 in section B (my part) and a score of 70% or above will put them in the top flight. I have to answer all 6 parts and get 100% for each one.

OK, so I get a while longer to do it, but still...

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