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11:26am on Sunday, 27th November, 2005:



You get some weird ads in weekend newspapers. Here's one from today's Independent on Sunday for a product called botoxlift:

So wondrous is this serum that there's no reference to it on the web site the ad references, so you'll have to buy your own copy of a national newspaper to send off for it... Anyway, the reason I'm mentioning this when I didn't bother to mention yesterday's ad for "Maureen's mature contacts: live 1 on 1 chat with experienced older ladies & horny housewives" is that this one has an interest factor beyond its mere weirdness.

Here is the small print:

So let's see. It's called botoxlift, but it doesn't contain Botox and it has none of the properties of Botox. On no account must it be confused with Botox injections!

Except, of course, confusing it with Botox treatment (if not the injections) is exactly what the buyer is supposed to do. There would be absolutely no point in calling the product botoxlift if there were no intention to trick people into thinking it was in some way related to Botox.

Gawd knows how these people have survived having the pants sued off them by trademark-holders Allergan...

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