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5:28pm on Tuesday, 25th October, 2005:

Digital Identity


So, today I went to the Digital Identity Forum in London, where I spoke to a polite audience about things that were only of vaguely peripheral interest to them. I was followed by Aleks Krotoski, who did the same kind of thing but in a manner less likely to cause people to fall asleep.

It was actually a much more high-powered conference than I was expecting. There were some very serious people there — the chap who wrote the LSE report on national ID cards, the professor who advised the government on how to implement them (not that the government listened) — and that was just on the panel following Aleks. I was, surprisingly given that I know nothing of this field, looking forward to catching the afternoon sessions.

However, I was trapped by a journalist who delayed my lunch by 25 minutes while he arranged a phone call with another journalist whom he had convinced to interview me. I missed my starters and had to go straight for the main course, then wander around folornly until someone made space for me at their table (the waiters having efficiently removed all spare settings once "everyone" was seated).

Somehow during this process, I managed to chip a piece of tooth off (lower right 5).

I decided that I maybe ought to head for home, in the hope I could get my dentist to stick a filling in it before I go to the USA tomorrow. I therefore missed the entire afternoon session (sigh). Needless to say, my train home was delayed because a vehicle had struck a bridge and I didn't get back until gone 4pm. When I phoned the dentist, I got their answerphone.

So, several days of having my gum catch on a chipped tooth await me, until my return.

I knew getting old entailed falling to pieces, but I was kinda hoping it would happen at less inconvenient times.

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