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9:15am on Monday, 24th October, 2005:



I have two talks to give this week.

The first is at the Digital Identity Forum tomorrow at 9:15 — just early enough to mean I can't catch the same train my wife commutes on, for fear of not being able to get to the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury(!) in time.

The second is the day 2 keynote at the Austin Games Conference. This one starts at 9:30. Just as well I don't get jet lag, eh?

The thing is, over the weekend I developed a bad cough. It started on Thursday when I ran out of voice during a lecture, but then it went away until Friday when it happened again. This time, the lining of my throat was left unprotected for long enough to pick up one of those infections that always goes around at the start of term, when people from all over the world get together to share germs, and over the weekend I got a cough.

I was worried that it might turn into a cold. I get colds very badly: my nose loses layers of skin and goes all red and flaky. The small, broken veins I have on the side of it are attributable directly to bad colds, where for normal people it's just a sign of having drunk too much alcohol over a prolonged period. For me, the veins are broken because I got a cold so bad it broke them.

Anyway, it seems I'm going to be spared a full-blown cold, but I'm going to have a cough for these two talks. That should make it worse, and may mean I develop a cold later, but at least I won't be going through a box of tissues while zooming through my powerpoints.

Let's hope the air conditioning filters on the flight over to the USA are good enough to remove my coughings from the air, or I'll infect the whole plane.

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