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11:13am on Saturday, 24th September, 2005:

Love your Euphamism


The new advertising slogan for Velvet toilet paper is "Love your bumTM". Presumably, Americans will find this as amusing as we would "Love your fanny".

Some Google comparisons (correct at the time of writing):
99 Love your tush
175 Love your backside
363 Love your fanny
720 Love your bum
1,130 Love your bottom
1,280 Love your arse
11,600 Love your ass

So "Love your bumTM" is only mid-table. Indeed, it has a mere 657 more entries than Bum your love.

You have to feel sorry for the advertising agency. They can push at a boundary by using mildly naughty words to promote their product, but they still can't say what they really want to say and what we really want to hear: "It's not going to scratch you and your finger isn't going to go through itTM".

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