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8:52am on Tuesday, 24th May, 2005:



I've been talking to Raph Koster when people have come up to him and called him Ralph to his face. He doesn't bat an eyelid — I guess he must be used to it.

As students of my EE314 course will know, yesterday's examination question paper had a typo. Actually, it wasn't so much a typo as a reado. Somewhere between my sending the electronic copy of the paper to the examination office and their cutting-and-pasting it into their publishing system, the word "Raph" was replaced by "Ralph". The Examination Office is usually very fastidious in its error-correction, and will query every change before they make it; it's fairly safe to assume, therefore, that they didn't know they were making the mistake. Someone read Raph as Ralph and typed that in (twice, in fact, because they changed it in the model answers, too).

It does make me wonder why I should be sending an electronic copy, though, if they're only going to type it in manually again anyway.

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