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12:16pm on Thursday, 24th February, 2005:

Clean Roads


On the way in to work this morning, I had to stop behind a vehicle that wanted to turn right but couldn't because of a line of traffic stuck behind a slow-moving road-sweeping vehicle. OK, so these things happen, and at least the road-sweeper wasn't out at rush hour. After 30 seconds or so, someone in the line of cars paused to let the vehicle in front of me through, and I could zoom off to fill the minds of EE214 students with the glory that is the relationship between functionality layers and data definition levels in virtual worlds.

The thing is, though, that we had snow yesterday and we're going to have snow again today. The gritters were out spraying salt on the roads yesterday, and normally this would have served for today, too. It won't now a road sweeper has swept it all up, though.

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