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10:26pm on Tuesday, 23rd August, 2005:

Head Wound


I got a head wound today. Blood all over the place.

We went to Universal's Islands of Adventure, which is the theme park in the area with all the biggest rides (to the extent that you have to leave your bags in lockers as you can't take them with you on the rides). We went on The Hulk four times, The Duelling Dragons five (Ice twice, Fire three times), the three big water rides (got absolutely soaked) and The Cat in the Hat (OK, so that's not a scary one) and The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad (a show, not a ride). Two rides (Dudley Dooright and TCITH) broke down while we in the queue.

I survived all this unscathed, then banged my head getting in the shuttlebus for the ride back to the hotel.

Blood all over the place.

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