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8:25am on Monday, 23rd May, 2005:

Lost Irony


When I logged in yesterday, I had 968 emails waiting for me. These took so long for McAfee to filter that 100 other emails arrived during the process, which in turn took so long to filter that 58 emails arrived during that process, which also took so long to filter that I had another 19 emails waiting for me at the end. These, McAfee was able to delete before Outlook could ask for some more.

Anyway, one of the emails was from the University telling me that there were dire consequences of not marking examination scripts to schedule. The whole system is so finely managed that we're going to get individual deadlines for our scripts, and we must hand in the marks (not as a percentage, but I've yet to figure out what as instead) to a strict deadline. We will be allocated marking slots, and if we don't have the marks done by the end of our slot it'll throw the whole marking logistics system completely out of whack. It's our responsibility to keep to these strict, individual deadlines and we'll be held responsible if we miss them.

This email went on to say we'd have further details in our pigeon holes this morning. We should have had them Friday, but it took longer than expected to get them printed so we won't get them until today.

There was no hint of irony in this statement whatsoever.

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