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6:27pm on Friday, 22nd July, 2005:

London Days


I went to London today. The price of a one-day travelcard (ie. Colchester to London return plus the underground) had gone up to just under £20. When I first got this kind of ticket as an undergraduate some 25 or so years ago, it cost just under £5. I wonder if, 25 years from now, £80 is going to feel the same kind of amount that £20 feels now and £5 felt like then?

Often in London as I wander around, I see famous people. Today, I saw Alan Whicker near Berkley Square. It was definitely him. I was standing in a doorway at the time, and two people in another doorway clocked him too, and I could lip-read them saying his name. Then, about 30 seconds later, a younger couple walked past. "Are you sure?" asked the man, rather dubiously. "Yes, I swear, Alan Titchmarsh, that's his name!".

On the train home, all passengers in my carriage and the next were given a free bottle of water. This is because it's cheaper for them to give away water than it is for them to fix the broken air conditioning. The next carriage had broken lights, too, but sadly they weren't given those little glow sticks people wear and wave at firework shows. Oh, and the water they gave me, which tasted just like tap water, was Harrogate Spa.

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