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6:18am on Saturday, 21st May, 2005:

Doomed from the Start


So did I make the train from the plane yesterday or didn't I?

I didn't. It wasn't a great help that the time we were supposed to be taking off at Heathrow we were just boarding the flight (because "we haven't been allocated a despatcher"), which led to a 10-minute delay for our arrival in Frankfurt. However, I was doomed anyway.

German trains are indeed as efficient as they are renowned to be, and they're much nicer inside, too. The train station is right next to the airport, too. Sadly for me, however, it's right next to Terminal 1 and I arrived at Terminal 2. I had to get a shuttle bus, which meant I didn't arrive at Terminal 1 until 15 minutes after the train had left.

Oh well, at least I had time to buy my ticket at leisure from a ticket machine (not that I was asked at any point to show it).

Then, when I arrived at my hotel, I was asked whether I wanted a smoking or non-smoking room. I said non-smoking, whereupon it emerged they didn't have any left. So why ask? Ah, because I could pay 50 Euros more for a "comfort room" that was non-smoking. I declined. My resulting room didn't smell of smoke for the first two hours. Only when I got into bed did I notice that the pillow reeked of it.

Anyway, I'm in a 5-Euros-for-30-minutes wireless hotspot, so I get to upload this for you in a timely fashion.

Now I gotta figure out how to get from here to the conference centre...

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