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7:51am on Thursday, 21st April, 2005:

White Eggs


In the UK, we have brown eggs. Everywhere else, white eggs is the norm. Why is this?

Hens naturally lay eggs of either colour; it depends on what they've been eating. In the olde days, their diet meant they would usually lay white eggs, but occasionally they'd lay brown ones.

UK point of view: "Ooh! A brown egg! There must be something special about it! I bet it tastes better."
Everyone else's point of view:"Oh oh! A brown egg! There must be something wrong with it! I bet it tastes bad."

Through this process of artificial selection, farmers in the UK found their eggs were more desirable if they were brown, so produced only brown eggs; farmers elsewhere found their eggs were less desirable if they were brown, so produced only white eggs.

(At this point, I'd link to my game Eggs with Legs at http://www.youhaventlived.com if I could remember the rest of the URL).

White eggs are thus a novelty for me, so when I went down to breakfast this morning and found there were white soft-boiled eggs available for breakfast I eagerly seized upon one. I cut off the top, put in my spoon, pulled out some of the inside, and put it in my mouth.

I then removed from my mouth, piece by piece, the bits of shell that had been attached to the inside that I hadn't seen because they were white.

They ought to make them some other colour so this kind of thing doesn't happen. Brown, say...

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