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1:55pm on Thursday, 20th October, 2005:

Parking Woes


I came home from work early today, because I only had 20p for the parking ticket machine and didn't want to get clamped. Thus does university financing affect research output...

The parking scheme has been operating for 3 weeks now. During the first 2 weeks, 25% of the machines failed. In its assessment of the system's operation, the all-powerful car parking committee seemed to regard this as a success. Huh, 100%, that would be a success...

Parking costs now come in 3 parts: you have to pay £75 to register, plus 0.15% of your salary every month, plus 5p per hour parked, in advance. You can tell this system was designed by a committee...

Today, I had to park on a grass field, which is against university regulations but it was either that or no lecture for my students. The university has insufficient formal parking spaces for the vehicles of all the students and staff, so it wasn't just me who parked there; indeed, the field was opened up by the university in the hope that people would use it as an overflow car park. However, it's not designated as a car park, and parking there is still technically in breach of my employment contract. Nevertheless, I'm perfectly safe to park there so long as I buy a parking ticket.

Odd how they'll let people break some regulations, but not all of them.

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