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9:42am on Tuesday, 19th July, 2005:

Keep in Lane


There's a short road near where I live called Whitehouse Lane. I use it when I want to get onto the A12 or visit the western or southern parts of Colchester. I do this because it has a good view of Newbridge Hill, which I don't get if I come out of nearby Bourne Road or Chapel Road.

Anyway, there's a house being built at the end of the road on the corner where it kinks from running southwest to northwest. I've found my way there blocked on a couple of occasions recently, because the lane is very narrow and it's hard to pass other cars down it, let alone construction vehicles.

OK, well it's reasonable that if someone is building a house they'd want to bring in bricks and beams and so on, I'm not complaining about that. The workers considerately park their cars and vans on site, so they don't block the road either. However, of late I've noticed an alarming degradation in the quality of the road surface. Where once it was smooth, it's now full of pot-holes and large cracks, with chunks eaten out of the edges (it doesn't have kerb stones). It's pretty well disintegrating. What's more, the reason it's disintegrating looks suspiciously related to the heavy loads that have been brought down it. A brick lorry plus bricks weighs more than Whitehouse Lane was ever built to carry.

Will the construction company pay for repairs to the road surface? Better still, will they actually undertake the repairs themselves, so we don't have to wait several years for the council to get around to it?


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