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10:17pm on Friday, 18th February, 2005:

Long Appointment


I went to my dentist today so she could try out a wax plate in my mouth. This increases the chance of its actually fitting when it's made into a real one. I had to make a follow-up appointment to have this real one put in when it arrives back from the dental laboratory. The conversation went something like this:

Me: I need to make another appointment.
Receptionist: Yes, is next Monday OK?
Me: When next Monday?
Receptionist: It'll be 10 to 11.
Me: What? 10 to 11?
Receptionist: If that's conventient.
Me: Blimey, 10 to 11. How long does it take to fit a plate?
Receptionist: It's a 10-minute appointment.
Me: But ... oh, you mean it's at 10 to 11? 10:50. Not from 10 to 11?

They probably say it that way deliberately, for fun, just so they can trick people...

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