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1:42pm on Tuesday, 18th January, 2005:

Timetable Trouble


This afternoon's EE314 lecture was scheduled to take place from 12-12:50. It actually took from 12:20-12:50 (or 12:45 if you don't count the questions at the end — I'd gone so fast to get through the material that I undershot the end point).

The reason for this was because our usual room was occupied by Economics postgraduates half-way through a 2-hour EC951 lecture. I checked the timetable, and we were definitely supposed to be in that room. Still, they got there first, so we repaired to the first empty teaching room we found, LTB2. I couldn't plug my laptop into the projector, so my font-reliant Powerpoint presentation looked like it was written by a monkey.

I was on the point of writing a WTF letter to the timetable office, but thought I should check my case first. I looked up EC951 on the Timetable Office's spreadsheets, and sure enough they were meant to be there. I looked at the Electronic Department's timetable, and we were meant to be there too. For completion, I looked at the Timetable Office's version of the Electronic Department's timetable.

Oh-oh. It was different. This term, EE314 has been moved out to some distant room in Sociology that requires a map, a Thermos flask and a disregard for reality to reach. It was hard enough persuading my students to get out of bed for lectures in a room that could be reached going down steps — gawd knows how I'm going to persuade them to climb up 3 flights and walk down a corridor where people who don't wear badges are taken aside and counselled.

Actually, they took the whole debacle pretty well. I'd say something complimentary, but some of them read this blog and would hold it against me.

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