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11:46am on Tuesday, 18th January, 2005:



Last Friday, I washed my car. It was a full hand-wash, as I'm yet to recover from being trapped in Sainsbury's automatic car wash last year while it gleefully ripped off parts of the bodywork and did its best to scratch the rest. I needn't have bothered.

Here's why. I drove to the university today. I have to give two lectures (EE114 and EE314) , so it's not unreasonable that I come in to work.

The car park was a quagmire.

Well, sort of. None of the actual car parks were quagmires, it's just that they were full of cars (and probably had been since about 8:30) so everyone else was obliged to park in the unofficial overflow car parks. These were quagmires. I tried to get my car into two spaces and was unable to get into either of them, so muddy was the ground. Wheel spin threw great chunks of glop all up the side of my vehicle — I could probably plant potatoes in it, it's so thick. I don't so much need a car wash as a plough.

When I got out of the car, the ground was like fudge mixed with cow gum. It stuck to my shoes so much I was seriously concerned that the weight might rip the soles off. The last time I had that much clay on my footwear I was aged 10 and climbing a cliff in Hornsea.

And for this, I paid £60 to register my car and another 0.15% of my salary?

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