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11:27am on Tuesday, 18th January, 2005:

Terms and Conditions


I booked my flight and hotel for the Game Developers Conference yesterday. I haven't been since 2000, mainly because it's so damned expensive. The fact that they never reply to my proposals for talks (except when tricked into acknowledging actual receipt) is a factor, too. Still, I can hardly call myself a lecturer in computer games if I don't go every once in a while. 2005 is that once in this while.

When I booked my hotel, I had to check a box to confirm I'd read the terms and conditions. I duly looked at the terms and conditions as linked to from the page. This is what they said:

HTTP ERROR: 404 /liveres/privacy.htm Not Found

I guess that counts as reading them.

I've looked again just now and the problem has been fixed. Too bad that it's too late to affect my legal rights, hotel booking people!

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