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1:05pm on Thursday, 17th November, 2005:

Members' Interests


The Register of Members' Interests was published today. This is a list of the freebies and jobs that MPs have been given as a result of their being MPs. Although the fact that the PM decided to declare his wife's earnings this time round (personally, I've no idea what my wife earns, although I dare say she'd tell me if I asked) has hit most of the headlines, it was another entry that caught my eye:

HOWARD, Rt Hon Michael (Folkestone and Hythe)
Gift of a Christmas hamper from His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei. (Registered 20 January 2005)

The Sultan of Brunei is quite famously Moslem, and the Leader of the Her Majesty's Opposition is quite famously Jewish. What's the former doing sending the latter a Christmas hamper?

Ah, Christmas: the greatest advertisement for atheism known to humanity.

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