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10:40pm on Wednesday, 17th August, 2005:



Today's outburst concerns Virgin Travel, who hold their welcome meeting for guests in the Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney at 9:30am.

Downtown Disney doesn't open until 11am. This means the buses to and from it are somewhat few and far between. The welcome meeting finished at 10:05 and it was noon before we got to a theme park. Smart move, Virgin, you've got us rooting for you...

The rep who spoke to us was called Kimber. Not Kimberley or Kimberly or Kimberlee or Kimberleigh or any of a dozen other phonetic renderings: no, just plain Kimber. Kimber sold us tickets to use the Virgin shuttle so we could get to Universal Studios at only quadruple the normal price. She phoned this evening and fessed up. She suggested we went to tomorrow's welcome meeting for a refund.

In the lively conversation that followed, I managed to persuade her to come round to our hotel room in the evening instead.

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