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5:57pm on Friday, 17th June, 2005:

The Net Closes In


Colchester's attempt to cut off West Bergholt has taken another step, with the closure of the Severalls Lane bridge. Here's the map:

Roadworks at points A and B effectively cut off West Colchester. The Severalls Lane roadworks at E cut off North Colchester. If we want to get into Colchester, we have to go under the North Station Bridge at C (or North Stationary Bridge as it should be known, given the state of the traffic there in the morning) or we can go north then east along Coach Road to Horkesley Heath and come in at C (again) or at D if we wanted to go to the north of Colchester.

Yesterday, when I came along the A120 from the southeast, I came off at the junction with the A12 and headed toward point D. I found the traffic backed up from there almost to point E. It took me 15 minutes to get to D from there.

If a lorry gets stuck under North Station Bridge, we're doomed...

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