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8:45am on Thursday, 17th March, 2005:

Politically Incorrect Political Incorrectness


I had an email waiting for me when I got home from my External Examiner session yesterday, querying one of the questions I had set on one of my own exams. I was asked to change a question because it made use of a politically incorrect term.

The thing is, part of that course is about the ethics of computer games. I put in the politically incorrect reference so that candidates could pick up on it in their answer to a question specifically concerning moral issues in computer game designs. It's OK to teach students to be aware of these issues, but it's not OK to ask them to recognise an instance of their occurrence?

I'm not telling you whether I changed the question or not, because the exam is yet to be sat.

Note to any students reading this: you should always revise all topics covered by the syllabus.

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