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9:24am on Monday, 15th August, 2005:



I spent 2 hours yesterday evening in Second Life, answering questions from a crowd of players for their Future Salon series. The questions came faster than I could answer them, of course (there's no toleration of CompuServe-like fascist interview software these days), but at least I didn't get lynched. There were some very bright people there, which was good, although naturally there were others who entirely missed the point. Still, it was interesting to find out what makes them tick; the last time I went into SL, not under my real name, no-one spoke to me.

Bizarrely, given it was a Future Salon, I spent the first hour of the talk repeating arguments from 10 or 15 years ago concerning the differences between text and graphics. It would have been so handy if body language gestures were reflected in the chat window (and vice versa), because then I could have seen what people were emoting without having to look for their avatar among the 50 or so present, flicking my eyes off the text window to do so. Animated gestures for body language were one of the things people cited as being better in graphics than in text.

Of course, if I hadn't filled the text window to 80% of the screen so I could read all the incoming questions, thereby obscuring all other avatars from my field of vision, this may not have been quite so moot a point...

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